Harcros Chemicals (Pvt) Limited

Harcros Chemicals are one of the leading formulators, marketers and distributors of quality Agro Chemicals and NPK fertilizers in Sri Lanka. The Company has been in the business for over 50 years and is, today, rated as one of the best Agrochemical marketing companies in Sri Lanka.  In the agricultural sector, the Harcros has the largest distribution and direct sales coverage in the country. This has been achieved through its highly trained and motivated sales team, most of whom have higher educational qualifications in agriculture.


Apart from the Agrochemicals range, Harcros has good footprints in Plant Nutrition products with 15 fertilizers and an upcoming range of Water-Soluble Fertilizers.  PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) and small Agri equipment are the upcoming opportunities where the company has already entered with Knapsack Sprayer and Hoe.  Soon to enter with PGR Products.  More new products are in pipeline under these categories.

Harcros Chemicals (Pvt) Limited is part of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited


The Capital Maharaja Organisation, Founded in 1930 is a unique organisation that has become an integral part of the lives of all Sri Lankans. Be it using your mobile phone, using electricity from the National Grid, having a cup of world famous Ceylon tea, providing children with the best nutrition (Anchor Milk), using water or electricity for your daily needs. Even watching TV or listening to radio or getting unbiased factual news, we touch a part of all Sri Lankan lives.